Taking a step back to take two steps forward. That’s some wisdom to pay heed to. As you grow, take a minute or two to evaluate and reevaluate priorities.
People generally start investing to get more out of their money, thinking mostly of the upside – but they don’t always account for the risks associated with their investments. Similarly, while the internet has many resources highlighting the ‘best performing assets/schemes' etc. there are far fewer sources alerting investors to the associated risks.
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Buying a house will probably be one of the most important financial decisions you make in your lifetime. It requires a lot of planning to ensure that your other financial milestones do not suffer as you make your dream home a reality. To buy a house, you will probably need to take a home loan. While banks offer loans up to 80-90%¹ of the value of the home, around 10-20% of the money has to be paid up front by you in the form of a down payment. Here’s how you can go about saving money while planning to settle down in your dream home.
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You must have seen countless advertisements for mutual funds with the disclaimer “Mutual fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme-related documents carefully.” The offer document and KIM (Key Information Memorandum) are two of these critical documents.
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Plan and achieve your goals with the help of these calculators
Goal SIP Calculator
We help you plan for your life goals, with great ease!
Retirement Calculator
Calculate how much you need for a comfortable retirement
How to get started
Want to understand how "finally" to get started? Absorb in the pool of knowledge to get a head start.
How Can You Assess & Improve Your Financial Health In Your 40s?
Financial health is of paramount importance, irrespective of one’s age, and is especially so when one is responsible for supporting the family.
Jan 2022
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Raise Your Children to Be Money-wise
Teach your children about money and make them financially responsible citizens.
Feb 2022
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How SIP Can Help You Build a Corpus For Your Child’s Education and Marriage
As a parent, you want to provide the best of everything to your children. However, the best comes at a cost. Education is expensive and if you dream of sending your child to a premier college or university, you must plan well in advance.
Mar 2022
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Different things work for different people. Even if you are at the same life stage. Understand what works for you, as you prepare to watch your money grow.
Household Budgeting
An easy and smart guide to managing your household expenses effectively
You might be living life king-size, but check if your lifestyle is out of sync with your finances.
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You might be about 20 years away from your retirement, and may already have been prudent enough to start saving towards this goal years ago – but as you enter your 40s, it’s the right time to up your financial game.
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"Earning a lot of money is not the key to prosperity – how you handle it is." Dave Ramsey, leading American financial guru. Building a corpus for the future requires careful planning and discipline. It’s important to inculcate good financial habits that will help you make progress in your financial plans. At the same time, it is important to avoid habits that might drag you back. Here are 7 financial habits that might be preventing you from growing your money effectively.
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Shield yourself and your loved ones with robust insurance planning
Insurance plays a crucial role in financial planning and is integral to financial security.
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If there is one thing the pandemic has taught us, it’s the need to save and prepare for emergencies. However, the money you set aside for emergencies could also be used to pay off your existing debts. Which should you prioritise? Paying off your debt or saving up for an emergency?
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Life begins in the 40s, they say! From a financial perspective, however, the real business of life begins right on the day one becomes financially independent. To make sure your 40s and beyond become the best years of your life, it’s best to start holistically planning your finances as early as possible. An integral part of financial planning is to have the right types of insurance plans. Here are the four most important insurance policies that should be in place in your 40s:
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Save & Invest
Save and invest for your secure future
In today’s globalised world, we use the products of countless multinational companies without even realising it. At the same time, globalisation also gives you opportunities to invest in these companies and include them in your financial portfolio - and global funds are the way to do it.
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You should be prepared for your retirement, both mentally and financially. Failure to prepare could cause you money worries in retirement, so it’s important to plan carefully.
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Everyone dreams of retiring rich – but if you are not already sitting pretty on a sizeable estate, achieving it can take some smart planning, and commitment.
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