Build a stable stack of funds to help you retire in peace.
You’ve had a long career, you’ve done the hard yards, and now you deserve to enjoy the fruits of your financial planning. But retirement shouldn’t spell the end of your financial and investment planning – it’s a time to renew your personal finance goals.
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Retirement does not mark the end of your financial and investment planning, but a new phase of it. As you survey your finances, you might be happy with your Provident Fund, and your pension is probably on the horizon – things look rosy. But you should beware of taxes and inflation. Pooling in your savings is only half the job, you must keep earning returns from them that are higher than the inflation rate, and keep your tax liabilities to a minimum.
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Achieving financial security in retirement requires advance investment planning and commitments and, yes, better tax planning.
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Plan and achieve your goals with the help of these calculators
Goal SIP Calculator
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Retirement Calculator
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5 ways to fund your dream family vacation after retirement
Retirement begins a new chapter of your financial planning journey. In this phase, your personal finance goals shift towards sustaining the flow of income and ensuring your funds don’t get depleted while managing your expenses. Good investment planning will help ensure that you don’t fall short of funds for your endeavours. However, retired life isn’t just about meeting your expenses, it’s also about enjoying your leisure time and doing what you enjoy. If a dream family vacation is on your bucket list, here are five steps to make it happen:
Jan 2022
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How To Choose Fulfilling Pursuits After Retirement
Retirement is the time to stop settling for less and start pursuing your passions. Freed from most responsibilities, this phase of life is the best time to relax , fulfil one’s personal goals and tick off that bucket list!
Feb 2022
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How to Save Up for Travel in Retirement
After retirement, your salary income will stop, but your lifestyle should not be diminished. The goal of financial planning through your life is to have sufficient funds to continue and even improve your lifestyle post-retirement. Ideally, you want to be able to live some of the dreams you couldn’t afford when you were younger – and seeing the world is foremost among them.
Mar 2022
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Secure your future as you prepare the next leg. Take the right steps to ensure a stable innings.
Household Budgeting
An easy and smart guide to managing your household expenses effectively
As you retire, you enter a special phase of your life. At this point, you’ve probably fulfilled most of your responsibilities. You may be eager to pursue your hobbies and might be looking forward to a relaxed life. It’s a great time to enjoy the fruits of good financial planning.
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Retirement is the culmination of one chapter of your financial planning journey – but it doesn’t mean you stop financial planning for good. In fact, the next chapter will soon begin. This post-retirement planning isn’t just a continuation of pre-retirement planning, though, because the nature of your financial situation changes once you retire.
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The nature of your financial goal planning changes in retirement. Before retirement, the emphasis would have been on building a sufficient retirement corpus, while saving heavily and deferring expenses. Now, you may no longer receive a fixed income, but you finally have time to pursue the hobbies you have been putting off all these years. With proper investment planning, you can achieve your goals, manage your expenses and finances and truly enjoy retired life. You should continue to invest in options like mutual funds so that you don’t just rely on your savings, but make your money work for you. At the same time, opt for instruments that minimise risks, offer stable returns and keep your funds secure. Here are four ways to balance financial growth and security for a fulfilling retirement:
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Shield yourself and your loved ones with robust insurance planning
As you cross the milestone of retirement, you can begin to enjoy the fruits of your financial planning – but the planning doesn’t end here. New responsibilities and tasks emerge as you begin to build your legacy and the future of your family, by drafting a will and pursuing estate planning. This is a continuation of your goal-based financial planning journey, designed to ensure your post-retirement personal finances are secured.
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Most people want a relaxed life after retirement, which is well-deserved – but it’s important to keep an eye on your financial and investment planning even as you kick back. Since your monthly pay cheque may cease once you retire, a detailed retirement plan can help organise your personal finances for the long run. You will have to analyse your expenses, plan your income around your goals and systematically allocate money to the activities and projects you want to take up in retirement. While saving money is crucial, getting insured and investing money in the right place are equally important.
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The post-retirement period is a special phase in most people’s lives. You’ve worked hard, accomplished your major goals, taken care of your responsibilities, and you’re now looking forward to a well-deserved period of relaxation and leisure.

You are also able to enjoy the fruits of your financial planning. The big difference is, you may not have a regular income now. You may dip into your retirement corpus, but inflation, market volatility and unexpected expenses may dent its value. At the same time, rising life expectancy might make that corpus seem a little smaller than you first thought. You might begin to worry about managing your monthly expenses. To stay on top of these expenses and achieve your ambitions in retirement, it would be useful to maintain a regular source of income.

A detailed personal finance plan can help you measure the income you need, and therefore the kind of income sources you should explore: To help you get started, here are four instruments you can rely on to generate a regular income and enjoy your life after retirement:

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Save & Invest
Save and invest for your secure future
As you approach retirement, you enter a new phase of financial planning, guided by new goals, anxieties and ambitions. The rise in life expectancy has made it even more important to plan well for retirement, so that you have enough money to lead a long, comfortable retired life.
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Most people prepare for retirement by saving and investing throughout their working life. During retirement, your financial goals and approach to financial planning will undergo a change, as your priorities shift to maintaining your lifestyle and securing your legacy. At the same time, it’s important to continue with your investments even during the retirement phase of life. Let’s take a look at the six key investment options available to you in retirement:
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After spending the majority of our adult life in employment, it can be a bit overwhelming to switch to being dependent on passive income. But with strong financial and investment planning, retirement can be a genuinely fulfilling experience. You can reorient your personal finance goals to help you pursue your dreams and passions – travel, a new hobby etc.
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